My research is focused around on issues of communication in collaborative systems. These research led investigations explore topics such as asynchronous and synchronous working groups, the culture and patterns of information sharing as well as participation at different inflection points throughout a collective effort.


A Case Study of Online Civic Engagement Platforms — Tools and Strategies for Sustaining Civic-­minded Communities    
A white paper written with Professor Deborah Littlejohn. The research explores theories, practices and lessons learned from analyzing five organizations that provide online platforms for civic engagement opportunities via information and communication technologies (ICT).
Prepared for the Institute for Emerging Issues, July 2015
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A Visual Archive for Capturing and Coordinating Participatory Design Research
My Master of Graphic Design thesis work exploring a flexible framework for coordinating and capturing unplanned and emergent activities throughout collaborative design research. 
Prepared for the Department of Graphic and Industrial Design, NC State University, April 2016
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