The NC State rebrand was a comprehensive restructuring of the brand architecture which defines the relationship of the core NC State brand to the sub-brands and extended brands. The rebrand of the visual identity created a flexible organizational framework allowing for the new brand architecture and and cohesive multi-scaled touchpoints for NC State’s audiences. The rebrand of the visual identity included a new logo system, new color guidelines, new imagery guidelines, and typography guidelines. All of these systems were scaffolded for the various university colleges and partners depending on where they fit into the brand architecture.


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125 Anniversary Branding:
Throughout 125 years of groundbreaking work in fields ranging from engineering to economics, soil science to social work, NC State transformed the world. The campaign introduced new branding guidelines and logotypes for the university to celebrate its 125th Anniversary. During the 125th Anniversary campaign, historical photos and angular overlays were used to emphasize NC State’s forward-thinking heritage. Multi- platformed approaches were used to reach a wide range of audience.


NC State Think and Do
As part of the brand evolution new color palettes and applications were introduced as well as new illustrative styles. This application was an awareness campaign about practical solutions to solve problems. Research, data and action is represented though illustration and photography. Photo-illustrations were projected as environmentals.


NC State Rebrand
An externalization of the rebrand strategy and methods so that the university community can participate in the branding process.

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